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Mortar Repair

Use The Offered Mortar Repair Services


Have you noticed there are problems with the mortar between bricks in your home? Perhaps the mortar has started to crack, or even fall apart between different bricks. Maybe there is even a gap in between some bricks or the bricks are starting to crack. Even improper installation of the bricks can result in a crack that moves up along the side of your home. Issues with the foundation can cause bricks to crack as the shifting weight of the house places additional pressure on certain areas of the construction. Whatever the cause is you will need to bring in a professional to help with your mortar repair.


You don't want to simply patch the mortar yourself. Applying additional mortar to the outside of the brick will not do anything. In fact, it may only cover up the problem, making it difficult to monitor any shifts in the foundation and additional cracking. Instead, you need to give the team of New England Foundation Crack Repair a call to have all of your mortar and foundation issues repaired.

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