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A 101 on Lally Columns

Lally columns, also known as steel posts or jack posts, are a critical component of a home's foundation. These steel columns provide support for beams and other structural elements of the home and play a significant role in the overall stability of the structure. In this blog post, we will discuss what lally columns are and how they affect a home's foundation.

What are Lally columns?

Lally columns are cylindrical steel support columns that are typically filled with concrete and placed vertically under a beam or other structural element of a building. They are commonly used in residential and commercial construction to support floors, roofs, and other weight-bearing elements.

How do Lally columns affect a home's foundation?

Lally columns play a crucial role in the overall stability of a home's foundation. They provide support for load-bearing beams and transfer the weight of the structure to the ground.

One of the most significant issues that can occur with Lally columns is settling. Over time, the soil around a foundation can shift and settle, causing the foundation and Lally columns to sink. This can lead to uneven floors, cracks in walls and ceilings, and other structural issues.

To prevent settling, Lally columns should be installed on a solid, stable base, such as a concrete footing. The footing should be at least as wide as the column's diameter and extend below the frost line to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

Another issue that can occur with Lally columns is corrosion. Over time, exposure to moisture and air can cause steel columns to rust, weakening their structural integrity. To prevent corrosion, Lally columns should be coated with a rust-resistant material, such as epoxy paint.

Regular inspection of Lally columns is also essential to identify any signs of damage or wear. Signs of damage may include cracks in the column, rust or corrosion, or any movement or shifting of the column.

In conclusion, Lally columns are a critical component of a home's foundation, providing support for load-bearing elements and ensuring the stability of the structure. Homeowners should be aware of the potential issues that can occur with Lally columns, such as settling and corrosion, and take steps to prevent them from causing damage to their home. Regular inspection and maintenance of Lally columns can help identify and address any issues before they become more significant problems.

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