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New England Homes & Their Foundation Issues

As a homeowner in New England, you may be aware of the foundation issues that come with owning a home in this area. From soil composition to weather conditions, there are many factors that can contribute to foundation damage and instability—and understanding these factors is the first step in protecting your home’s foundation. Let’s look at why New England homes are more prone to foundational damage.

Soil Composition & Hydrology

New England is known for its rocky soil and deep seasonal frost lines, both of which can cause major problems when it comes to foundations. The rocky soil has little moisture-absorbing capacity, so when too much water is present, it can lead to erosion and instability around the foundation. Similarly, deep seasonal frost lines can cause the ground around your foundation to heave during the winter months. This heaving causes cracking and shifting that can have an adverse effect on the structure of your home's foundation.

Weather Conditions

The weather in New England is also a major factor when it comes to potential foundation issues. During periods of heavy rain or snowfall, for example, excess moisture will collect around your home's foundation due to poor drainage or inadequate waterproofing measures. This excess water can then lead to erosion and instability as mentioned above. Additionally, extreme temperatures—both hot and cold—can cause cracks in your home's exterior walls due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Foundation Maintenance

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your home’s foundation from these types of issues. Regular maintenance such as waterproofing through foundation repair experts like New England Foundation Crack Repair or gutter cleaning should be done routinely in order to prevent damage caused by excess moisture accumulation around your home's foundation. Additionally, having an experienced inspector come out annually will help catch any potential problems before they become major ones. Keeping up with regular maintenance will go a long way towards ensuring that your home’s foundation remains stable and secure for years to come!

Homeownership in the New England area brings with it unique challenges when it comes to maintaining the stability of one's foundation. Poor soil composition combined with harsh weather conditions make homes here more prone to foundational damage than elsewhere in the country. However, by understanding what causes this type of damage and taking proactive steps such as regular maintenance and yearly inspections, homeowners here can protect their homes from costly repairs down the line!

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