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Bulkhead Basement

Bulkhead Basement Services


A bulkhead is a classic basement design where access to the basement occurs on the exterior of your home with doors that are horizontal along the ground. Of course, with these kinds of doors there is a greater chance of flooding through the doors if these doors are not properly taken care of and insulated. Additionally, if you do not spend much time in the basement because of the design you might not notice flooding or cracks in the foundation.


First, it is important for you to inspect the bulkhead basement every few weeks. This way you'll spot cracks and wet spots. It is ideal to inspect the area following a rain. If you notice any kind of problems you should contact. New England Foundation Crack Repair Bulkhead basement services can help address these issues before the winter comes. It is far more difficult to address these issues with snow on the ground, and yet the fluctuating weather conditions and all the added snow are prime causes damages to your bulkhead basement. Avoid these kinds of issues with a single phone call to New England Foundation Crack Repair.

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