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3 Reasons It's Important to Have Cracks in the Basement Floor Fixed

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

When you own a home, it seems that the maintenance tasks are never-ending. You continuously have to inspect your home for issues before they get out of hand. Right now, you could have cracks in your basement floor. Cracks in basement floor can be hard to detect at least until you go into your basement and see water seeping up through them. The weird thing about these cracks is that water doesn't necessarily seep up each time it rains. Your basement could be dry for months, then one day you go down to a small river running through the basement. At the first sign of water coming up through the floor, search for ‘foundation crack repair near me’, to have repairs made.

Mold Spreads Quickly

One of the biggest reasons that you don't want water leaking up through the floor or cracks in the wall of your foundation is mold. Mold is horrible, and it spreads quickly. Mold loves a humid, wet basement. As mold spreads, it can ruin your belongings and make you and your family members ill. As soon as you find water in the basement, please take steps to dry it out.

  • Dry up as much as you can with a wet vac.

  • Open windows and doors.

  • Run fans to speed up the drying process.

  • Have the cracks repaired

Damage to Your Items

Many of us store belongings that aren't used every day in the basement. It's a convenient storage area. Yet, water can quickly ruin our items, leaving us with a hefty bill to replace them. Even if you don't have mold as a result of the water, the water alone can ruin many of your treasures. Don't risk losing family photos, clothing, and artwork.

Huge Appliance Costs

Finally, you never know how much water will seep up through the floor. Too much water and your appliances may be in danger. Look around your basement. Your water heater, furnace, washer, dryer, and freezer could be in danger. As everyone knows, water and electricity don't mix. In addition to the enormous expense, leaks can also put your home and family at risk. Don't let it create a fire or electrical hazard in your home.

Even seemingly small cracks can have a massive impact on your home. Have them taken care of by a professional as soon as possible. In addition to allowing water to enter your home, cracks can also signify a serious issue with the foundation of your house.

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