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Behind the Scenes of NEFCR: Bulkhead Waterproofing in Auburn, Massachusetts

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


Our team was called out to investigate where water was making its way into the homeowner's basement. The owner initially thought it potentially was coming in through underneath the concrete bulkhead.


After a thorough check of the bulkhead structure, the NEFCR team deemed the bulkhead was in fact the culprit of the water leak and we proudly provided our bulkhead waterproofing services to the customer. The bulkhead was drilled all the way into the foundation to make small holes. An injection packer was then anchored into the drilled holes and a high-pressure pump was able to inject a flexible closed-cell resin through the injection packer into the joints between the bulkhead and foundation. This waterproofing solution is a proven way to keep unwanted moisture and water out of the basement going forward.

Our customer was relieved that we successfully rectified the problem and happily gave us her positive client feedback on our Google reviews. Below you can see the actual before and after on the job.

Before and After:

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