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Behind the Scenes of NEFCR : Interior Repoint in Worcester, Massachusetts


A Worcester homeowner was continuously seeing powder on their basement floors from the home’s stone foundation. The stone mortar was breaking down and the home was at risk of water damage through the cracks in their foundation and pests coming in through the cracks. On top of that, they needed to install a basin and plumbing for their sump pump to collect more groundwater and divert it away from their home.


Team members Paul and Shawn came in and performed a full interior repoint. This includes removing the old stone mortar that was eroding and leaving weaknesses in their foundation, and replacing it with a new, high strength mortar in all areas of the basement. What was left was what looked like a completely new basement! Their home’s foundation is no longer at risk for water damage or pests for years and years to come. The team also successfully installed a basin and plumbing to their existing sump pump system to relieve the water pressure under the basement floor by collecting it in the sump basin. The water will then be extracted out with a plumbed PVC piping installed by the NEFCR team. Now, these homeowners can live in their homes free of worry! It was a job well done by the New England Foundation Crack Repair Team.

Before and After:

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