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Exterior Carbon Fiber Crack Repair and Waterproofing

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

A visible crack in the foundation can be alarming. If your basement is finished or if there are obstructions on the interior, you will probably notice the crack from the outside first. If your basement is finished, there is the option of removing the wall from the inside to access the crack OR excavating the ground on the outside. This week, we encountered 2 inaccessible interiors where it was best practice to repair from the exterior. On the top photo, the customer who resides in Norwood, Ma, did not want to disturb the walls in his finished basement. On the bottom photo, this condo in Boston, Ma had a utility room where fixed appliances obstructed the access to the crack.

What is the carbon fiber method?

Carbon fiber used in waterproofing and crack repair is woven with an exceptionally high tensile strength. This thin strap is lightweight, non-invasive and stronger than steel.

First, a two part epoxy filler compound will be applied to the foundation crack. Then the carbon fiber strap is placed over the crack, which will stabilize the structural integrity of the foundation.

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