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Inside the Job With NEFCR: Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Updated: Jan 6, 2023


Will and the team went to visit a home recently where the client had a reoccurring issue with a very large crack in their foundation. After a previous contractor did a rather poor job attempting to fix a large vertical crack(featured below the first two photos) so big that you could see the daylight coming in from the outside. Vertical cracks are more common than horizontal ones, and usually are due to normal house settlement and compression on the concrete. However, when they widen and you can begin to see the outdoors, that means water and pests can now easily make their way into your home.


The team went to work right away to inject and fill the crack with high-quality, high-strength material that will permanently seal the crack without compromising the integrity of the home’s foundation. The high-pressure injection technique is done by drilling into the foundation through the crack and injecting it with a high-pressure pump using a closed-cell polymer resin into the crack. This will fill the foundation crack from the inner wall to the earth, preventing the intrusion of any water or pests.

If you notice any cracks in your home’s foundation that seem to widen over time, do not hesitate to call a professional! For New England homeowners, the team here at New England Foundation Crack Repair is here to make sure you are living in your homes safe and sound.

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