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Lally Column Inspection MA, RI, CT

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Presented by Will and Paul of New England Foundation Crack Repair

833-NECRACK 833-632-7225

Will: Hello everyone. My name is Will. I'm here with Paul for New England FoundationCrack Repair. We're going to talk to you a little bit about lally columns today. We have agreat example here that we want to talk to you about. Paul's going to explain to you alittle bit about it.

Paul: Okay, here's a lally column that is considered no good anymore. This lally columnwould not pass inspection. Now, wha';s going on here is this condensation fromunderneath the floor, rusting a ring around the bottom of the lally column. When thathappens, it loses 40% of its strength, which causes it to sag under the carrying beam.That';s when your floors upstairs will become bouncy, could even warp, which becomesa very expensive repair. So replacing these lally columns before the issue happens isthe best idea, especially if you';re thinking about selling a property. Give us a call at NewEngland Foundation Crack Repair. We'll be happy to handle the situation for you.

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