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Providence Foundation Repair - Brick Repointing

New England Foundation Crack Repair

833-NECRACK * 833-632-7225

Will: Hello everybody. I'm Will, I'm here with New England Foundation Crack Repair. We going to show you a little bit about Brick Repointing. This is Paul. Hey Paul. How are you doing today?

Paul: Good Will. What we got here is a brick foundation set upon a poured foundation. What's going on is this mortar between the brick has never been maintained, so it's lost its structural integrity. It's more like a pressed sand now where the water is just infiltrating through it. So what we're doing is removing all the old mortar and we're going to replace it with the high strength structural mortar and that will shore it up and stop the water.

Will: Okay. Alright. So as you can see right here the water is just tripping right down. Paul: It is raining now. Will: It is raining now. What we'll do is we'll show you the end result. Alright. Thank you very much.

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