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Quick crash course on sump pumps

Presented by Will and Paul of New England Foundation Crack Repair

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Will: Will and Paul here with New England Foundation Crack Repair. We want to talk a little bit about a sump pump today.

Paul: As you can see here, this sump pump is set in a box that was poured when the floor was poured, so there's no holes on the side of it allowing the ground water to actually get into this box unless it's rising up from the bottom. What we use is a 20 gallon basin with hundreds of holes drilled in on the side, which it allows the water in from the sides also. I can see a bubble coming up so it's just groundwater coming up straight up. Also all this debris in here is hindering the operation of the pump. So with ours we have a nice cover on it no debris ever gets inside of it and the pump works full efficiency.

Will: And one thing about a sump pump too is not just digging up a hole and putting the pump in, that's going to push the water out. What you want to do is you want to find the water table. Once you find the water table and you know you can control it, you know your groundwater is never going to come up all the way to your floor to wall seam, and that's when you actually can flood your basement. Alright, well, thank you very much.

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