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Water Intrusion From A Floor To Wall Seam In Massachusetts

If you are encountering water in your basement, and it is not coming from the wall- a likely culprit could be the floor to wall seam. High water tables are caused by excess water in the ground especially after heavy rains. Water can then push up over the footings when the foundation was created and between the floor to wall seam seeking voids and leaking into your basement. We will inject into the footing and insert a port; using a high pressure pump a moisture activated expandable material is then injected filling any voids to prevent water seepage.

Hello everyone, my name is Will from New England Foundation Crack Repair. This customer is getting a little bit of water from the floor to walls seam. As you can see, the basement is wet. So what we are doing is injecting the floor to walls seam. They already have a sump pump and the sump pump is not keeping the groundwater away. So we are injecting the floor to wall seam to stop the flooding between the footing and the foundation wall. So what we're doing is we use a high pressure injection pump andwe're just pumping it, starting to react, and that'll create a seal. And they won't be getting any more water. And our service comes with a lifetime warranty. So after I'm done here, if the customer is still getting water we will come back at no charge.

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