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Why Pipe Penetration Waterproofing is Important to Your Home

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Most walls have a few pipes running through them. These holes are called pipe penetration and they're filled with mortar after installation. This not only hides the plumbing or electrical fixtures but keeps the area safe and dry. Over time the material used to seal around the utility lines or pipes, such as hydraulic cement or caulking, experiences degradation and eventually water is able to penetrate the seal and make its way into your basement.

Why do pipe penetration leak?

If you've noticed water seeping out of your foundation walls where pipes are located, it may be because during construction people often ignore proper sealing. Corrosion and hydrostatic pressure cause weaknesses in concrete as time goes on; if left untreated for too long these leaks can lead to worse structural damages such as decreasing the life span of any given structure! Warning Signs of Pipe Penetrations Issues

  • Water leakage – Leaks around the pipe penetrations

  • Visible stains – Stains in the wall where pipe passes through the foundation walls

  • Mold – Dampness in the wall may cause mold growth, over a period of time

Having your pipe penetrations sealed off will stop the water intrusion around the pipe, maintain the longevity of your home and prevent any health hazards that might be initiated by the mold and mildew growing in those unwanted damp areas.

If you notice a pipe penetrating through a concrete wall, proper treatment can help you avoid foundation complications. It’s important to have a professional take a look at the area in question before the problem escalates any further. Click here, to learn more about New England Foundation Crack Repair’s Pipe Penetration Waterproofing services or request a free quote today.

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