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Foundation Wall cracks

Issue: A wall crack that forms in poured foundation could be caused by several factors. These factors include settling, stress and expansion in the soil which applies additional pressure to your foundation. This leads to issues such as water and moisture in your basement causing mold, mildew odors, insect and rodent intrusion, along with expensive property damage. 


Resolution: New England Foundation Crack Repair has several techniques used for sealing these foundation wall cracks. The two we most commonly use are the high pressure injection technique or the carbon fiber application.

1. The high pressure injection technique is done by drilling into the foundation through the crack and injecting with a high pressure pump using a closed-cell polymer resin into the crack. This will fill the foundation crack from the inner wall to the earth, preventing the trickling of any water or trespassing of any vermin.


2.The second technique is an epoxy resin that is applied to the crack and reinforced with a carbon fiber strap which also adds structural stability to the foundation in addition to preventing water and insect intrusion.

Example: Injection Technique

Wall cracks repair

Example: Carbon Fiber Technique

wall cracks repair Boston
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