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Behind the Scenes of NEFCR: Chelmsford, MA Full Interior Repoint


Team members Chase and Paul made their way down to Chelmsford, Massachusetts right outside of Lowell to visit a homeowner in need of some help with their home’s stone foundation. When they arrived, instantly they saw the mortar falling apart and the stone barely hanging on. When mortar degrades this bad, a full interior repoint is needed to maintain the structural integrity of the home’s foundation and to prevent further damage caused by water, weathering, and pests. The only right choice moving forward was to perform a full interior repoint on the interior of the home and hold off on the exterior until spring.


After about a week and a half of work, we successfully repointed the entire interior foundation by removing the existing, crumbling mortar and replacing it with our high-strength mortar in all areas. We then removed the debris that came from removing the old mortar and concrete and disposed of it for the homeowner. In a few weeks, once the mortar is completely set, we will come back to install a vapor barrier so that the homeowner will not have to worry about humidity issues moving forward. Once springtime hits, we will set a day to return and finish the job on the exterior of the home. Then, this homeowner will be able to kick back and have one less thing to worry about for years to come!

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