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Behind the Scenes of NEFCR: Sump Pump Replacement in Worcester, Massachusetts


We never like it when homeowners have repair issues, but we love hearing back from previous clients we they need additional services. In this case, our previous client for a foundation repoint was in need of having his sump pump replaced. Sump pumps play a vital role to minimize any water damage within the basement of the home by automatically pumping out any excess water in the basement. Its job is to move the water up and away from the home’s foundation through installed piping.


The NEFCR team was able to safely and quickly remove the old non-working sump pump and piping for our customer. We then filled and sealed the hole where the old sump pump was located. Finally, we installed the brand-new sump pump in a better-suited location for the customer. This left the homeowner pleased as he was able to rest assured that his basement will stay dry in the nearing harsh winter weather that we experience in New England.

Before and After:

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