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Cold Foundation Joint Repair | New England Foundation Crack Repair

Updated: May 14, 2021

Hello everyone. My name is Will. I'm here with Paul form New England Foundation Crack Repair. We're going to be talking a little bit about cold joints today. As you can see over here, Paul's going to explain to you the old existing foundation and when they put in a new foundation.

Paul: So here's the old foundation here used to go all the way across the room. They wanted to put an addition on. So this was actually the new foundation butting up against the old foundation. And what happens is when it dries, it doesn't meld. It's not melded with the existing so you have a small gap here, some better than others, but this is actually called a cold joint.

So what we're doing is drilling in at a 45, which I already did just for the video. So you can see the drill hole goes all the way through the new foundation into the old, and we'll insert our injection packers, seal this up, make it esthetically pleasing, inject it, and no more water.

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