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Stone Foundation In New England In Need of Repair

This is a stone foundation in New England. Beautiful granite blocks, but in need of repair.

New England Foundation Crack Repair

833-NECRACK * 833-632-7225

Paul: Hey buddy! Time for another video?

Will: Hi everyone, how are you doing? My name is Will, I’ve got Paul over here. We are from New England foundation crack repair. Going to be talking a little bit about stone repointing today for you guys.

Paul: So, here you can see this house was built in 1898. Big, giant granite blocks. Really nice. But the mortar is deteriorated, it is a bit salty. Right here is where water will actually saturate through that mortar and you will start to get water in the basement. It also needs to be replaced for its structural integrity, to keep the house nice and solid. We use high strength commercial grade mortar, make sure you use high strength commercial grade mortar. If you are going to a depot, don’t get the orange bags that is just for a general purpose, mailbox setting stuff that you used before. So, going to clear this all out and replace it with new mortar.

Will: Stop all that water infiltration from coming in. And the next time they are going to have to do maintenance on their foundation will be anywhere from between 20-30 years from now.

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